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DESIGNIFY MISSION STATEMENT: Designify is a design & print service created and coordinated by LeQuita Harrison. Its mission and goal is to assist individuals, businesses, and/or organizations with promoting, marketing, or personal agendas in designing and printing needs, and will provide the best service in hopes of satisfying customers. Designify will provide design, digital, printing, and/or mailing service with no discrimination unless content provided by customer violates USA laws concerning and/or promoting violence, sexual misconduct, bigotry, slander, or criminal intent and will be rejected and possibly reported if necessary. Designify only asks customers to provide feedback and/or share their experiences with Designify with family and/or friends. Thank you, From LeQuita.


  • All designs and images/backgrounds within designs are copyrighted and belongs to Designify. Purchased goods are not for commercial use (resale, paid rent, etc.). Only for personal use by customer.

  • All images/backgrounds/graphics used by Designify are free stock images or created by Designify. None are for commercial use (resale, paid rent, etc.). Only for personal use by customer.

  • Disclaimer: All logos, brand names, authors of images, and content provided by customer and used for the product belongs to their respective owners, аnd are not objects for sale. If you believe that your copyright or intellectual property is somehow infringed, please contact the store owner for a settlement.

  • All designs are subject to layout, format, and font size changes depending on content/information provided by customer. 

  • Color: Color may appear different on computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet than how it appears after printed. Designify is not responsible for any color changes after printing. 

  • Customer will receive by email the status of their order. 

  • Digital Download: Expect final file by email within 5 days of order submission. 

  • Custom Printing: If customer requests a Sample Preview and do not confirm the sample within 3 (three) days of email received, the design, printing, and mailing will continue.


  • Digital Download: Customer submits content to be inserted into design. Designify will return final file by email for download. Customer is responsible for printing.

  • Custom Printing: Customer chooses a design in Designify Shop, submits content, may request a sample preview by email, and Designify will print and mail the final product.

  • Custom Made: Customer may request a consult to bring their idea to life. Designify will design the project and samples will be exchanged until customer is satisfied. Designify will print and mail final product.


  • All payments will be done and authorized through PayPal. Credit cards are accepted.

  • Custom Made: Payment is required before designing begins. A link will be provided for you to submit content and payment or you may do so through website. 


  • Digital Download: Orders can be cancelled within 2 (two) days of payment submission. Customer will receive full refund. 

  • Custom Printing: Order can be canceled within 1 (one) week (5 days excluding weekends) of order and payment submission and receive full refund. Cancellations after 1 week will receive no refund.

  • Custom Made: Order can be canceled and receive full refund within 1 (one) week (5 days excluding weekends) of payment submission. Cancellations after 1 (one) week (5 days excluding weekends) will receive no refund due to the progress of the design.

  • Problems: Customer will be emailed of the status of their order. If any problem arises during Designify Processes resulting in a HOLD on order or time extension affecting delivery status, Customer will receive full refund if they cancel order. If order is continued towards printing/mailing no refund. 

    • Custom Made: Customer will receive unlimited samples of design proofs to confirm a final proof before printing and mailing. If the customer takes a long time to respond to emails for confirmation, Designify is not responsible for any deadlines or delay of printing, mailing, and delivery. No refunds

  • Returns: No returns are required for any service given by Designify. 


  • Digital Download: Orders will not be mailed. Only emailed. Check Spam/Junk mail if it does not appear in Inbox.

  • Custom Printing: Product will be mailed to the given address. 

  • Custom Made: Product will be mailed after final proof has been confirmed by customer. 

  • Designify is not responsible for any product damaged during delivery. 

  • Costs: USA Shipping (2-5 business days) cost $6.00. International Shipping (6-14 business days) cost $10.00.


  • Anything that promotes violence, sexual misconduct, bigotry, slander, or criminal intent will be rejected and possibly reported if necessary

  • Custom Made: If payment is not received within 1 (week) or 5 (five) days of consult, order will be rejected. Contact Designify when or if the customer changes their mind. Email alerts will be sent.