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Find some answers to your questions below. If you're question was not answered, feel free to contact me. Response within 24 hours. 


All designs are able to include given content from customers.


Format, layout, and font sizes are subject to change during the Process to insure all content properly fits and appears presentable. If a problem arises, LeQuita will contact you immediately. 

Colors of designs appear differently on computer screens, meaning color may vary or may not appear similar once printed. 


If product was ordered from the Designify Shop, it will be mailed to given address after the Process.

If product was from a consult, it will be mailed after final proof has been confirmed by the customer.

USA Shipping - 2-5 business days - Cost $6.00 included in order.


International Shipping - 6-14 business days - Cost $10.00 included in order.

Designify is not responsible for any product damaged during delivery.


 Cancellation - Orders can be cancelled before shipping date. Customer will receive full refund.

Order by Consult - If your design is being custom made, you can cancel order at any time. However, once you submit your payment through Paypal, you can receive a full refund within 1 week or 7 days of that date. Any time afterwards, you will not receive a full refund. If you cancel during the Process of your product, you cannot receive a full refund. 

If order is damaged during delivery, Designify is not responsible. No refund or return are required.

If you receive your order after it is delivered and you are not satisfied. You will not receive a refund and a return is not required.  


A consult is a one-on-one meeting with LeQuita concerning a request or a custom designfor an invitation for example. She will ask you a few questions and give you an overall price at the end. You will receive a link by Paypal to send in your payment. Once it has been submitted, she will work on the design and communicate with you until you are satisfied with the design proof. It will be printed and mailed to you. 

Shopping through Designify, you will select one of LeQuita's designs and send in your content to be inserted. Once she insert content, she will print it and mail it to you. 


All payments will be done through PayPal. Designify takes credit cards. 

If you've received a consult, you will receive a link where you can submit your payment after the meeting. 

Rejected Designs & Content

Anything that promotes violence, sexual misconduct, bigotry, slander, or criminal intent will be rejected and possibly reported if necessary.