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What Designify Can Do For You!

The Process: Custom Printed

Description: Designify is responsible for printing and mailing.

Step 1: Choose the Design

See what you like? Great. Select the desired quantity and include your Email.


Step 2: Submit Content

Provide the information needed to be inserted into the design. Obvious mistakes will be edited for free, however if the information you provided was incorrect, there will be no return or refund. So make sure you double check EVERYTHING.


Step 3: Preview Sample

A preview sample may be requested but it will delay the printing and delivery time. The Sample will be sent to you with a watermark. Corrections and changes can be made before printing.


Step 4: Final Design Printed

Once Final Design is confirmed. Printing will begin. Give 1-2 weeks for the content to be inserted (copy-pasted) and for printing.


Step 5: Shipping and Handling

Once everything is ready, your product will be mailed to you. 

USA Shipping ( 2-5 business days - Cost $6.00). International Shipping (6-14 business days - Cost $10.00). Designify is not responsible for any product damaged during delivery.

Let Designify

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