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Hi, I'm LeQuita!

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland in a very loving and spiritual family, I grew up with an inquisitive mind and a passion to write. Whether it was creative, professional, or inspirational writing, I enjoyed how the power of words could shape minds and perspectives to evoke change. My interest and love for graphic designing and web publishing began in my church where I was called the Tech Genius and would design and print programs, invitations, business cards, banners, you name it, for our services and events. It later blossomed to web publishing with me designing and managing the church website and social media accounts. I took a couple design and communication courses during my undergrad studies at University of Baltimore where I graduated with my bachelor’s in English. This love blossomed into a business to assist others with marketing, promoting, and spreading love. Make me some pancakes or seek a consult with me and let’s bring your idea to life. Follow Me on Instagram @LeQuitasDesigns.